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IT Services with the personal touch

BHnetwork is a small hosting company that offers IT solutions, server hosting, and other networking services at a personalized level.

Our Mission
BHNetwork is committed to provide the best personalized service in IT Solutions, Server Hosting, and Technical Support while maintaining a fast response time to our customers.

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Personal Service

We offer personalized services and make sure that your services are being used the way YOU want. Want the service designed a certain way? We can do that!

Tech Solutions

We offer a wide spectrum of support in IT Solutions. Want a website or other service and don’t know how to get started? Contact us and we can solve your issue to your hearts content.

Shared Hosting

We currently have one dedicated server for all our services. We offer shared hosting as our main service.

Web Development

We work with you to build a website to your specifications as well.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

An online presence has a higher chance of reaching a bigger audience to help your business grow. Websites, Servers, and IT Consulting. Technology is the center of business growth and empowerment.

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Project Lead

Our Team

My name is Brad Howard and I am the founder of BHNetwork Services. I started this business because hosting fees from popular vendors can become a bit too pricey. I personally did not want to pay the steep price tag for their services so I thought to myself that I could offer the same services for other people at a cheaper and more affordable price than the big providers.